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Get efficient. Get converged.

Rather than sinking more resources into legacy technology, why not use this year’s budget to optimise your IT infrastructure? A new converged infrastructure can help you maximise efficiency and minimise your data center’s footprint.

Converged infrastructure treats storage, network and computing as one unit. Though they're physically separate, the components are managed from a single interface, saving time and increasing responsiveness.

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Strike the right balance for your business.

Converged infrastructure is the perfect middle ground when it comes to data centre transformation. It offers a good balance between the flexibility of traditional infrastructure and the efficiency of hyperconverged platforms.

Components in a converged infrastructure don't have to be from the same vendor. This gives you more flexibility in vendor choice. Plus, you can scale, repair or replace individual components without affecting the whole unit.

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What are the benefits of convergence?

Since the components in a converged system are managed through a unified interface, converged clients enjoy unified support. The component manufacturers work together to answer support requests, rather than passing off the end user to one of the other manufacturers.

Along with integrated support, other benefits of a converged infrastructure include:

  • Validated designs & architectures
  • Advanced management tools to simplify operations
  • Easy management & predictable operational spending
  • Increased IT responsiveness & short deployment cycles

Our partnerships and expertise drive business forward.

We partner with leading convergence and flash technology companies like, Dell EMC, Lenovo and VMware, and can help you implement their solutions in the best configuration for your organisation. As an IT solutions expert, we provide:

IT engineers reach for cables in data center

Deep technology expertise

Our experience across a wide spectrum of converged technologies enables us to guide you to the best fit for your environment and workloads.

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Unbiased recommendations

Thanks to our deep relationships with leading technology providers, we’re able to craft comprehensive, brand-agnostic solutions for your business.

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Full-service IT support

We assist with all facets of implementation, from architecting solutions and selecting technologies to helping you assess and manage workloads.

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Strategy workshop

Our Infrastructure Strategy Workshop will help you assess your current state, learn more about industry best practices and create a go-forward plan.

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Start with strategy.

Not sure where to begin with convergence? Participate in our Infrastructure Strategy Workshop. We'll help you document your infrastructure’s current state, compare it to industry best practices and learn about the latest trends in private infrastructure.

By the end of the workshop, we’ll lay out all of your options for improvement and help you craft a plan for reaching your desired end state. The workshop is broken down into four areas:

  • Data centre network
  • Compute and virtualisation
  • Data storage
  • Data protection
IT professional reaches for cable in data center with tablet in hand

Run faster with flash storage.

Expand your converged infrastructure capabilities with flash storage. As a FlashStack Authorised Support Partner, we can help you design, deploy, manage and support a flexible, all-flash converged infrastructure solution.

Built on and deployed by industry-leading technologies from Cisco and Pure Storage, FlashStack™ converged infrastructure combines compute, network, storage hardware and virtualisation software into a validated, fully tested solution.

Modernise your infrastructure.

We’ll help you save time and resources by upgrading to a converged infrastructure platform. Contact us to learn more and ask about our Infrastructure Strategy Workshop.

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