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Solidify your position in the market

The financial services industry has changed. Customers and employees now expect content delivered on intuitive platforms adapted to their needs. User experience has become the next arena where businesses are vying for influence.

Financial services solutions keep your business competitive and profitable by delivering rich and engaging experiences that leverage data to create actionable intelligence. This allows you to pivot quickly, so you can address fast changing business and market conditions.

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An execution framework you can trust

We take the time to truly understand your needs and conduct rigorous research to build the best solution. Broad technology expertise combined with our proven process allows us to turn ideas into rich and powerful business outcomes quickly and smoothly.

We serve many industry sectors, including:

  • Banking
  • Brokerage
  • Capital markets
  • Insurance

We understand your business

Our experts draw from deep industry knowledge to deliver winning solutions. We’ve partnered with global leaders to solve some of their most complex challenges. Read the scenarios below to see how we’ve helped our clients.

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    Client: Perpetual Corporate Trust

    With decades of experience, this company wanted to monetise years of mortgage data, modernise offerings and bring new compelling products to market.

    We built and implemented the data warehouse and analytics platform that handles and processes over 15 years of loan data to power Perpetual's credit risk model - an online self-service offering tapping into new markets, client-bases and new revenue streams.

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    Client: Online investing brokerage firm

    To remain competitive and serve a new generation of customers, this firm needed to offer instant access to investment data anywhere, anytime.

    We built a powerful chatbot that allows users to trade, ask questions and get answers in a natural and integrated way. This Facebook-based, Azure-enabled conversational agent caters to prospective and existing customers.

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    Client: Worldwide financial services company

    In the world of currency trading, tools need to be agile and powerful. This client's platform could not keep up with competitors' products.

    The entire platform was reimagined and made powerful enough to incorporate research into advanced algorithms to enable accurate predictions. The new web application is fully responsive, feature-rich and designed to accommodate new algorithms and workflows over time.

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Applications to support your employees

Give your employees the tools they need to be successful. Equipping your business with the best mobility, collaboration and integration technologies helps you attract and retain the best talent.

Our workforce applications empower your staff to operate at peak performance, speeding processes and smoothing workflows. Built-in compliance measures eliminate errors, automated procedures reduce repetitive tasks and cloud-enabled applications ensure a seamless environment.

Create engaging user experiences

Be a leader in your industry and set the bar when it comes to the digital experience. Give your customers powerful applications and customised interactions at their fingertips.

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Customer data transformation

Transform to a modern data architecture to gain the data insights to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

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Get onboard with developing and managing open APIs to drive greater market share and new revenue streams.

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Chatbots give customers a better user experience while decreasing operational business costs with reduced manual workload.

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Create powerful consumer and workplace applications to offer efficiency, convenience and better customer engagement.

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Effectively manage your operations

Onboard and manage clients and assets efficiently with streamlined compliance measures, order management, execution systems and reporting.

Big data in finance drives informed business intelligence and reporting that gives you valuable insights. Our ability to enable your data with exacting architectures and tools prepares your business for the future.

Start innovating your financial services business

Learn how we helped Perpetual monetise their data asset using big data & advanced analytics.