We help manufacturers move up the maturity curve, towards their future-state goals for Smart manufacturing.

Get the most value from your data

Plant sites are generating a wealth of information that can be used to improve manufacturing and production outcomes. We have proven expertise to take your data's potential and materialise into Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvements on your bottom line.

Our offerings cover early stage identification of areas for possible improvements and the data exploration to drive value all the way to delivering those data insights to factory sites.

Using these capabilities, our customers have saved millions in operating costs, improved safety and reduced their environmental impacts.

We understand your business

Our experts draw from deep local knowledge to deliver winning solutions. We're partnered with global leaders to solve some of their most complex challenges. Read the scenarios below to see how we’ve helped our clients.

  • Females working in a manufacturing plant

    Client: Plastics manufacturer

    This client with over 70 operation sites was looking to standardise operations and increase production efficiency; to improve their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) performance.

    Through a combination of detecting, interpreting and displaying, we were able to ingest sensor data, stream it to the cloud and deliver a unified dashboard to provide operational staff real-time OEE calculations notifications to track and reduce production downtime.

  • Female using touch screen on refrigeration unit

    Client: Heating/ refrigeration manufacturer

    This client was interested in transitioning from a schedule-based model to a condition-based model and increasing its annual service contract renewal percentage.

    Leveraging the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) suite and advanced analytics, we were able to predict usage and degradation rates and determine what was driving service calls and emergency repair requests.

  • Female scientist working in lab

    Client: Medical product manufacturer

    This worldwide client needed to automate processes on the factory floor, drastically reduce component failure and improve detection in real time.

    Through a combination of detecting, interpreting and displaying, we were able to ingest sensor data, stream it to the cloud to detect anomalises and deliver real-time notifications to operations centre staff.

The right solutions to your challenges

Whether you’re looking to launch new revenue models or increase your operational efficiency, we can help.

Male factory workers reviews issues on tablet device

Preventative Maintenance

Identify issues before they impact productivity with predictive and preventive maintenance models that minimise downtime.

iPad to control equipment remotely

Remote monitoring

Condition-based models automate field maintenance and work order management for uninterrupted performance.

Male controlling manufacturing arm via iPad

Alerts & notifications

Never miss a beat with IoT-enabled smart sensors connected to the cloud. Easily monitor critical data points.

Male standing in front of control systems

Equipment Effectiveness

Check the statuses of your production lines & machinery in one interactive dashboard that’s customised, intuitive and role-based.

Male working from iPad to control manufacturing system

Flexibility to accommodate any device

Different manufacturing sectors require unique insights. We have IP and solution accelerators and system integration modules to integrate your factories and production lines to a manufacturing execution system that is customised for you.

With long-term use, adoption and adaptability in mind, we incorporate mobility, security and identity management into your workforce applications to protect your investment.

Looking to build a factory of the future?

Understand the transition steps needed and key considerations for choosing a solution.