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Gain the flexibility of a native cloud architecture

For most enterprises that work with process control data, historians have been useful for collecting, storing and retrieving time series related data.  The integration of historians to operational technology systems and protocols have been key to driving quality improvement, comparative and trending analysis.

However, it is now time to capitalise on new advancements in advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning and big data processing. This is possible through the flexibility of a native cloud historian to unlock the true value of your data.

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A single pane of glass

A cloud historian enables operators and analysts to investigate data, at scale from any device while allowing for seamless integration to existing cloud reporting systems, such as Power BI, machine learning services and tools like Jupyter, and big data processing engines like Databricks.

Integrate your multiple historians into a single cloud historian to streamline and exemplify your efforts for data discovery initiatives for drive operational efficiency as well as a competitive advantage.

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Secure and flexible by design

Insight's Cloud historian solution leverages Azure's first-class security practices, ensuring conformity to your established cloud standards. Users are given the flexibility to define asset hierarchies and semantic layers, giving context and meaning to the data, while the ability to author and manage advanced computations.

With Azure Stream Analytics, we can help you ingest tens of thousands of tags at any one time. Leverage a combination of in-memory time series databases and cold storage to ensure optimal performance is reached with an eye on cost.

An innovation mindset.

Your operators and analysts are empowered to perform powerful exploration and ad-hoc analysis at scale and across multiple data domains.

We can create a customised end-to-end solution

The first step in building for tomorrow is understanding what you have today. We can help map your current technologies, workloads and pain points, and bring a modern vision for your updated cloud historian that has a foundation of security, scalability and flexibility.

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Understand your goals

How your technology design is built depends on the goals you put in place. First, we pave a path that addresses your pain points, compliance requirements and environmental constraints.

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Define the architecture

A fit-for-purpose design that is robust enough to accommodate anticipated growth in data volumes and workloads for the future.

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Tackle high-value activities

Rapidly achieve tangible business value, in terms of operational benefits to users and deliver a clear ROI from a cloud historian.

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Ongoing support

Ensure the right frameworks are in place to govern and update your cloud historian.

Move to a modern, cloud historian, today.

Gain the flexibility, scalability and security needed to leveraging new advancements in advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning and big data processing.