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Break down data silos

For most enterprises, data estates are a patchwork of legacy solutions, multiple line-of-business applications, cloud-hosted systems and partially-integrated data stores. Across the enterprise, different departments ‘own’ different data that resides in vastly different systems.

It’s often extremely fragmented; it’s why organisations today need a modern data platform to enable a data-driven culture for business insights.

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What is data modernisation?

Data modernisation is about turning the massive volumes of data in your business into bottom-line results. It’s about developing systems and processes that use the vast volumes of data in your business to drive decision-making, cut costs, save time and more.

A modern data platform architecture will help you unlock your data value by leveraging:

  • High volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Complex data integration and warehousing
  • Real-time streaming data
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Powerful analytics

Features of a modern platform

We apply the comprehensive suite of data and analytics services across the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, to design, implement and manage solutions with a future-proof view.

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Accessible Information

With timely access to clean, integrated information, stakeholders across your business can more readily make informed, fact-based decisions.

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Mature platforms

Seamlessly leverage data in scalable, secure and extensible ways that supports, rather than limits, operational efficiency and innovation.

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Break down silos, encourage innovation and unlock efficiency with the right control mechanisms.

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Protect your corporate data assets across all interactions between your people, processes and technology.

An innovation mindset.

Your data scientists are empowered to perform powerful exploration and ad-hoc analysis at scale and across multiple data domains.

Our future-proof approach

The first step in building for tomorrow is understanding what you have today. We can help bring a modern vision for your cloud data platform that has a foundation of security, scalability and flexibility.

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Understand your goals

We pave a path that addresses your pain points, compliance requirements and environmental constraints.

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Define the architecture

A fit-for-purpose design that is robust enough to accommodate anticipated growth in data volumes and workloads for the future.

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Tackle high-value activities

Rapidly achieve tangible business value to users and deliver a clear ROI for further enhancements.

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Ongoing support

Ensure the right frameworks are in place to support an ongoing data-driven culture.

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Why data modernisation matters?

Businesses that can best utilise data are the ones that can better serve their customers, out-compete in the market and increase their operational efficiency.

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Break down data silos, today.

Gain the insights to empower your organisation with agility and insights to compete.