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Explore your operational data with ease

We believe exploring operational data and the AI predicted production settings should be easy and feel natural to all different types of users without extensive training many DCS and MES systems need today.

What is a digital twin?

A Digital Twin for Manufacturing is a virtual representation of the physical world production lines, stored in a representative structure on a cloud data platform.

Unlike the old Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Mining Execution Systems (MES), Digital Twins make use of modern User Interfaces (UI) and advanced visualisations to assist the operator in understanding what is going on in the factory floor.

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Visualise your entire value chain

With the Digital Twin solution, you can visualise your data and AI-powered optimisation settings through an intuitive, easy to use interface that represents the entire value chain. Gain the ability to drill down to individual assets and the recommended settings.

Explore why the OEE of a specific site is dipping to red or which production line is no longer producing ROI and requires modernisation.

Unlock the value of your data

The ability to create a true digital representation of your production lines is now possible through Microsoft Azure Digital Twin technology, Azure Data Lake and Insight Cloud Historian.

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Store the data in the cloud

Create a representative structure of your operational equipment onto a cloud data platform.

Manufacturing sensor equipment

Add sensors, video and equipment

Add more devices as they become available into this representative structure.

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Create a Digital Twin

Visualised through advanced User Interface that’s ready for simulation.

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How it works

A Digital Twin for Manufacturing integrates and pulls data from your existing historians and industrial IoT sensors into a real-world representative structure on a cloud data platform. We can enrich the data with industrial grade video feeds and emerging IoT sensors to create a new Cloud Historian.

By leveraging Microsoft Azure Digital Twin for the gathering and storing of data, spatial intelligence graphs can be created that model the relationships and interactions between your people, spaces and devices at your factory.

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Explore your production plants holistically

The comprehensive cloud data structure requires a representative visualisation layer to explore the factory floor holistically.

With Insight’s Digital Twin for Manufacturing, we build the visualisation so you can deep dive into each production line, equipment and  key settings - both current and recommended.

Designer working with simulation of design

Test with ease

With advanced simulation capabilities, the Digital Twin lets you leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning models applied to your historical data, so you can now test with ease.

Unlike in the past, you can now pull the levers in your virtual environment and simulate ways to optimise your production lines.

Why now?

With the power of AI, you can now harass the value of your data to optimise your plant operations, holistically.

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