Get more from your TV.

Stream everything and continue to watch them on your Apple® iPhone and iPad®, even when you’re away from home.

Apple TV showing ports

Quality colors, vivid detail

Get 4x more pixels than standard high definition. High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers bright, realistic colors and detail.

Apple TV and Remote

Live TV and more

See the content you care about, including news and sports. Watching live programming is just a click away.

Apple iPhone

Any device, anytime

The Apple TV® app is on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV and works seamlessly across all. Start a show on one device and finish it on another.

Apple TV Siri Remote

Gain a personal assistant.

Count on the Siri Remote® to find exactly what you want to watch. Or, use the Siri Remote as a controller for games available from the App Store®. And, every Apple TV comes with telephone technical support.

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Television displaying Apple TV software and Apple TV product on side of television

Apple TV 4K

The new Apple TV 4K enables you to watch your favorite programming in incredible 4K HDR quality. See content from your favorite apps, including Netflix®, Hulu® and ESPN®.

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Accessorize your viewing experience.

Watch TV in comfort — and style — with Apple TV accessories. Whether you’re looking for enhanced volume control or easy charging, Apple has you covered.

  • Apple AirPods displayed in case


    AirPods® are a new kind of wireless headphones. They instantly detect if they're in your ears or in the charging station, and turn on and off as necessary. Change volume and make calls with a quick tap to activate Siri®.

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  • Apple Belkin HDMI cable

    Essential cables

    Find the cables you need to get started. Belkin® HDMI cables connect your Apple TV 4K to your TV or A/V receiver. Belkin Ethernet cable ensures optimal viewing.