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Decentralized computing threatens security.

Fueled by mobility, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS), IT has shifted from a centralized computing model to a highly distributed one. Though user productivity has improved, this transition has created a new set of security challenges for administrators.

In a decentralized model, unsecured devices and communication platforms put enterprises at risk. The cloud-based centralization provided by Box restores security and control while delivering mobility and allowing for secure file sharing and content collaboration.

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Centralization is key to successful sharing.

Unsecured devices, unauthorized collaboration, content proliferation and human error all threaten your enterprise security. As a centralized cloud solution, Box mitigates these threats by providing:

  • A smaller attack surface
  • Consistent access control
  • Data governance
  • Visibility
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Prevent data loss.

Increase data security by centralizing your content controls with Box. Maintain tight control over your data at all times with granular permissions management, comprehensive audit logs and information governance capabilities, including document watermarking.

With the security and compliance features of Box, you can revoke access for unintended recipients if one of your employees accidentally invites the wrong users to share. Box security can also detect and quarantine files with sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers or credit card information.

Maintain control of lost devices.

Valuable intellectual property could be at risk of permanent loss or landing in the hands of your competitors. With Box, work doesn’t stop and data isn’t lost.

When content is stored in the cloud, employees can access their files from any device. That means productivity won’t slow down. You can also enforce PIN code access, disable offline access and remotely log users out so data stays under your control at all times.

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Stand up to ransomware.

Malicious actors may try to infiltrate your digital enterprise with stolen credentials. Box uses a two-factor authentication process to defend against these threats. Box also partners with single sign-on (SSO) providers such as Okta, Ping Identity and OneLogin for extra security.

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Manage lifecycles with governance.

Content lifecycles and security classifications are a breeze with Box governance. Box lets you establish rules for file retention and auto-delete timelines. You can also set legal holds on content and capture virtual audit trails with the asset’s complete notification history.

Document security classifications offer an extra measure of protection for your most sensitive files. If a user tries to circulate a document that has a confidential label, the file’s policy will automatically remove external sharing capabilities before the file is released.

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Meet global compliance standards.

Security and compliance wouldn’t be complete without the right certifications. Box meets or exceeds top compliance standards in the industry, including FedRAMP, ISO 27001, HIPAA and HITECH, and FINRA/SEC 17a-4.

Additional certifications include:

  • FIPS 140-2
  • PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1
  • ISO 27018
  • SSAE16 Type II, SOC1/2/3