Get the full picture of your network

The Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE), available from Insight, gives you a dashboard view into every user, device and threat.

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Secure network access

ISE features a software-defined segmentation that allows you to manage every bit of action occurring across your network — so you can make rapid response plans.


Every user and device across the network is shown in a simple interface.


Easily access every wired, wireless and VPN connection from a single location.


Get real-time data on network activity and swiftly contain and remediate threats.

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Customize your deployment.

A flexible, scalable licensing model allows you to tailor your deployment to meet your needs. You can choose your model and the number of endpoints you require. Then select your machine — virtual or physical — and add on services for robust support.

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Grow with confidence.

The Cisco Identity Services Engine safeguards access as your network and its security landscape change.

Comprehensive visibility

The Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) empowers you with insight into devices and users on your network. Its interface streamlines monitoring and data sharing — no matter how large or complex your network is.

Effortless connections

Cisco TrustSec® provides software-defined segmentation that restructures access to your network resources without a costly, time-consuming redesign. You can easily ensure compliance with internal policies and legal regulations.

Dynamic risk response

Cisco Rapid Threat Containment resolves vulnerabilities before they impact vital data. Its identification and control capabilities integrate seamlessly with other security solutions, allowing you to manage risks on a single platform.

Cisco ISE Secure Network Server product

Safe and powerful

A physical foundation for ISE, the Cisco Secure Network Server simplifies management of user accounts and endpoints across your network. Respond to authorization requests, enforce access policies, and remove dangerous devices quickly and accurately.

Two models let you create a configuration that fits your exact network needs. The efficient 3515 is optimized for small and medium deployments. The 3595 offers additional disk and power components to support larger installments.

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Shorten your threat response time.

Cisco Stealthwatch® enhances the visibility and remediation capabilities of ISE so you can keep your organization protected. Collect and categorize all user information to identify suspicious behavior more effectively — both now and in the future.

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