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Ergotron® workplace solutions from Insight promote comfort, health and increased productivity.

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Happy teams are productive teams.

Enhance your workspace and place an emphasis on health, productivity and affordability with Ergotron desks, mounts and carts.

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Work smart.

Outfit your workspace by focusing on comfort and productivity.

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Work happy.

Take control of your health with world-class ergonomic and wellness products.

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Work well.

Insight and Ergotron work hand in hand to provide you the best in new technology.

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Work comfortably.

Ergotron WorkFit-TL standing desk converters allow your employees to change their existing desk to a standing desk by simply raising their keyboard and monitor to a comfortable height. See how hand-brake levers make it easy to position the unit higher or lower for simple transitions.

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Ergotron basic charging cart

Charge and move.

Store and transport up to 36 mini-laptops and tablets with the YES Basic Charging Cart. A variety of device shapes and sizes fit inside with or without cases. In addition, a power management system safely charges all of your devices at once with a single cord.

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Doctor using healthcare cart with sit to stand adjustment

Technology at the point-of-care

The StyleView® Cart with LCD Pivot is a healthcare cart featuring sit-to-stand height adjustment, independent screen positioning and a back-tilt keyboard tray. Accommodating the largest range of caregivers, open-architecture design and a small footprint increases efficiency.

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