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Run smarter with managed cloud services.

The cloud is a catalyst for growth and new opportunities for IT transformation. Choosing the right cloud strategy unlocks the potential for innovation and meaningful business outcomes.

Your business can’t afford to wait. Neither can it afford to migrate recklessly. A poorly managed cloud migration can disrupt business, put data at risk and break the budget. Our managed cloud services help you migrate smarter so you can get the benefits of the cloud without the risks.

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62% of IT decision-makers say the cloud is critical to digital innovation initiatives.

— 2019 Insight Intelligent Technology Index

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We’ll help you migrate intentionally.

Managed cloud services will help you be more deliberate about your migration so you can avoid public cloud pitfalls of the past. To ensure a healthy data migration, we start with three essential services:

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Workload assessment

Together, we’ll evaluate your current workloads and determine which are suitable for the public cloud.

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Cloud preference

The public cloud to private cloud ratio is unique for every business. We'll find the perfect mix for your organization.

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Migration strategy

We'll develop a custom cloud roadmap that details the steps needed to start your IT transformation.

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Start with workloads.

Before deciding whether a workload belongs in the public cloud, it’s important to consider security, data growth and compliance.

Through our workload assessment, we’ll reveal important details, such as:

  • Latency requirements
  • Data retention policies
  • Security & access requirements
  • Interdependencies with other applications

Two business professionals on tablet discussing cloud strategy

Find balance between public and private clouds.

We offer managed cloud services for private, public and hybrid cloud environments. Our public cloud solution gives you more flexibility to scale capacity as your needs change. For both public and private clouds, we also offer help with security and control over your data.

Based on your company’s workload assessment, we’ll identify the right combination of public and private cloud for your business. With your goals in mind, we’ll help you discover which technologies are the best fit for your environment.

Accomplishing more with Azure

Thousands of services and toolsets in Microsoft® Azure® make it an ideal foundation to support future transformation. Our Azure managed services enhance your ability to innovate by simplifying management and ensuring performance.

Leverage our decades of Microsoft expertise to quickly achieve your cloud objectives around agility, scale and cost.

Our end-to-end managed services
for Azure include:

  • Azure tenant management
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and automated event correlation
  • Cost optimization and security reporting with recommendations
  • Client reviews with assigned client success manager

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A customized approach with proven results

A client with hundreds of convenience store locations across multiple states that relies on uninterrupted access needed to migrate to a new data center with zero disruption. We were brought on to mitigate risk and ensure a successful transition.

This data center transformation combined a public cloud strategy with migration services and included:

  • Hundreds of applications to be migrated
  • Company data to be migrated
  • Application-level monitoring
  • Advanced disaster recovery

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We offer three tiers.

Managed cloud services are available in Basic, Managed and Comprehensive tiers and include the following services:

  • Basic: Insight OneCall, reporting, monthly billing
  • Managed: Basic + 24/7 monitoring, incident response & more
  • Comprehensive: Managed + 24/7 cloud and data center operations management & more

All tiers can be supplemented with optional engineering on demand services. We also offer add-on services (including hosting, migration and implementation) to help you optimize your cloud environment.

Conquer the cloud.

We’ll help you migrate to the cloud with confidence through our managed cloud services. Connect with a specialist to learn more about what we can do for you.