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Our expanded capabilities include Agile enablement, end-to-end organizational change management, SAP® S/4HANA® adoption and Microsoft® Office 365® transformation.

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People, process and technology

You want to create a lasting positive impact on your business. Whether your goal is to improve internal processes or external products, we draw from deep experience, technical skills and proven methodologies to guide you.

Ensuring your people are on board is critical for long-term success. That’s why we focus on the human side of change, as well as technical implementation. Through staff training and ongoing support, you’ll adopt new company procedures and business transformation initiatives smoothly.

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Partnering with us allows you to focus on what you do best — running your business. We’ve helped industry leaders excel, adapt and grow.

Agile advisory services

Adopting Agile will allow you to respond to user feedback quickly, creatively and collaboratively. Integrating these methods into your delivery system focuses on short iterations and developing high-value functionality first.

We’ll help you create a team focused on delivering your product. Effectively making this cultural shift requires intentional, consistent leadership across your organization. Technical coaching, organization-wide training and staff augmentation with our professionals will enable your success.

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Business analysis enablement

Enhance your ability to lead during complex initiatives and transformational change. Analysis enablement will equip your team with the right skills and processes to be successful.

Insight’s approach leads you through planning, delivery, enablement and measurement, giving you the skills to:

  • Elicit needs.
  • Prioritize requirements.
  • Achieve alignment.
  • Equip for change.
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Organizational change management

Structured change management supported by the right resources is key to accomplishing your objectives. Today’s rapidly advancing business environment demands a smart and well-thought-out strategy to move forward. We’ll help you create one.

Our experienced consultants design a custom change plan according to your business size and goals — including mergers and acquisitions, procedure changes, business process optimization and new software implementation.

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Project management services

Embedding repeatable, predictable and adaptable processes creates a work culture that produces consistent results. Equipped with smart solutions and best practices, our skilled project management professionals raise the bar on what’s possible.

Whether you want to build a project management office from the ground up or need outsourced portfolio management, we offer end-to-end services.

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Guided by a proven process

Our transformation methodology provides complete solutions that turn ideas into rich and powerful business outcomes — quickly and smoothly. Explore our process:


Setting a vision and defining success will provide clarity throughout the transformation journey. We seek to understand both your end goal and current position.


  • Define use cases.
  • Document policies, procedures and requirements.


Forecasting timelines, establishing benchmarks and identifying success metrics keeps your journey focused. We collaborate with you to chart the path forward.

We consider:

  • Governance
  • Training
  • Support
  • Measurement


Clear communication in a changing environment can unite employees. A motivated team increases program success and adoption rate.

We implement:

  • A prelaunch awareness campaign
  • A communication plan
  • Implementation messaging

Train & adopt

Delivering a final product includes mentoring and coaching. We promote continuous improvement by consistently measuring and adapting.

We create:

  • Success measurement
  • Ongoing adoption best practices

We’ll help you adopt a new way of working.

The right training makes transitioning to new technologies seamless. Our team creates and delivers learning activities that focus on your unique workforce needs, including:

Instructional design

By turning technical processes and soft-skill requirements into easy-to-understand training content, we reduce your time to competency.

Training delivery

We can facilitate a range of learning opportunities, including group sessions, workshops, simulations, courses and more.

Services outsourcing

Our learning and development experts run programs designed around your business goals, so you can improve performance and cut costs.


Our interactive, self-directed trainings give your teammates the flexibility to master new behaviors and skills at their preferred pace.

Why Insight for transformation services?

Our goal is to serve you best. Working side by side with your employees, we bring time-tested processes that deliver consistent results to your business.

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With hundreds of certified professionals around the world, you’ll get the support of a partner that has global coverage and local presence.

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Our consultants have extensive experience across the spectrum of transformation services to drive your business in the right direction.

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We have partnerships with Scrum.org, the Project Management Institute, Prosci and the International Institute of Business Analysis.

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Transformation services in action

Agile transformation

By embracing Agile, a utilities company improved project delivery and greatly enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement.

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Continuous delivery

A social media company created a “sticky” user experience on its photo-sharing website with enhancements every three weeks.

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Predictive maintenance

We helped a water cooler and distribution company rethink how it provides products and services to its customer base.

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People-first innovation

Successfully adopting new technologies requires preparation across your entire organization. Our change management services will enable your business to see return on investment faster.

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    Once the SAP® S/4HANA® enterprise resource planning system is implemented on a technical level, your teams must learn new skills and processes in order to reap its benefits. We’ll prepare your team to make the most of new tools and procedures.

    Our strategy is built around five change management best practices: project team effectiveness, executive alignment and sponsorship, stakeholder and organizational readiness, communication, and education.

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    SAP software platforms, including SAP Enable Now, allow organizations to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of data. We’ll help you realize the full value of your SAP investment by preparing your team for its interface, tools and processes.

    Our five-pillar approach aligns your team around shared goals, engages the right stakeholders at the right time, communicates high-level strategy, trains your end users and measures progress toward key benchmarks.

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    Microsoft Office 365

    The transformation to Microsoft® Office 365® requires planning, alignment, support and adoption to reach planned targets. We use a proven, four-pronged approach that includes training, communication, end-user support and measurement.

    Our packaged offerings for change and adoption include readiness workshops, communication strategy, end-user training development and simulation packages.

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    Microsoft SharePoint

    Lack of end-user adoption is the primary reason for failed implementations. Our organizational change management program and implementation services ensure your employees are prepared for and able to sustain these changes.

    We offer end-to-end and Microsoft SharePoint® services to help you take full advantage of these technologies. Our capabilities span SharePoint design services, audience configuration, user engagement analytics, consulting support and issue resolution.

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Our approach to innovation is driven by deep knowledge and a constant desire to learn more — and our clients are vital collaborators in the learning process. That’s why we host monthly Agile and scrum sessions that provide a regular opportunity to refine processes and enhance skills.

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