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Managing software licenses is a unique discipline that requires specialized expertise many companies don’t have in-house. Insight has the Software Asset Management (SAM) experience to help you turn software challenges into well-managed processes that save time and money.

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We’ve been involved in SAM solutions longer than any of our peers in the industry.

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We work with accounts ranging from 100 to 300,000+ seats across the globe.

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We help clients implement license management strategies beyond the baseline.

From basic to dynamic license management

Our three-phase approach to optimization works seamlessly to align your technology with your overall licensing needs. As a vendor-agnostic third party, we provide a refreshing and objective perspective on monitoring and governing software assets. Explore our process:

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    Technology review

    Start with a clear path to ensure you have the right software for your business needs. We'll provide you with an actionable technology roadmap that identifies which software to use, which version, which device type, and best practices for deployment and migration.

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    License reconciliation

    We’ll reconcile your purchase history details to determine what you’re entitled to versus what you currently have deployed. Gain visibility into where you’re over- and under-spending so you can reduce costs, publisher audits and SAM engagements.

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    Contract optimization

    Leverage our extensive knowledge in publisher contracts to gain the upper hand in pricing and renewal negotiations. Using historical data, we’ll help you create a better software procurement strategy for the future while protecting your most critical assets.

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Reduce audits while saving money over time.

A significant number of businesses receive one or more audit requests each year. Audits can cost thousands of dollars in fines and fees — not to mention the time and resources spent collecting data.

Our broad portfolio and expertise with the top software and cloud publishers mean we know the ins and outs of SAM to help you avoid unpredictable, unplanned and unbudgeted audit costs. Gain greater visibility into your software lifecycle with short-term or fully managed SAM services to avoid audit risk.

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Why does a license management strategy matter?

Managing software license agreements is challenging as software needs shift over time and publishers consistently make changes to programs. 

Identifying your SAM baseline is a good start. But the key to reducing license compliance risk is developing and implementing a license management strategy that always stays ahead. Leverage our decades of global licensing experience to optimize all of your software assets.

Your success starts with Insight.

Our SAM consultants average 10+ years of experience and have multiple publisher and trade association certifications. We also have deep expertise with Microsoft® software.


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