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Optimize your licenses & deliver cost savings.

We understand the tension between simultaneously running and innovating your business. Our software asset management experts work with you to help drive costs out of operations to fund innovation. Reap the benefits of effective SAM programs without the need to hire additional in-house staff.

Choose a customizable level of service that’s right for your business and let us handle the details. You’ll keep full visibility into all of your software assets with our web-based SAM tools to pull reports, view compliance, forecast spend and more.

Benefit from a fully managed software program.

Using a managed program allows you to stay abreast of dynamic changes to your infrastructure. Our constant monitoring and best practices mean no surprises or disruptions to your business. Enjoy these unique benefits with our fully managed SAM program:

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Improved insight

Gain visibility into your entire software lifecycle and see gaps in your licensing, such as terms, conditions and publisher rules.

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Expert resources

We have decades of industry experience — which means we’ll respond quickly and effectively, freeing your time for other priorities.

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Cost avoidance

Leverage our expertise to identify cost-saving opportunities, such as software bundling, unused deployments and license reuse.

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What to expect when starting a managed SAM program

We’ll help create meaningful solutions, delivered your way. When implementing a fully managed software asset management program, we’ll start by leveraging our license reconciliation services to gather data about your compliance.

Get a holistic view of your current software assets and a map of usage and entitlements. We’ll compare your current and future states and create a strategic roadmap to maintain optimization of your technology investments.

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Standard SAM services

Our entry-level managed SAM program offers a complete overview of your license entitlements, including your compliance position, entitlement details and inventory. You’ll gain the ability to provide online access to key stakeholders and additional services such as:

  • Quarterly updates 
  • Entitlement summary and active maintenance reporting
  • Multiple inventory sources supported
  • License position analysis

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Premium SAM services

Build on the compliance foundation of our standard software asset management services by adding advanced license optimization with our premium SAM services. In addition to an in-depth SAM Assessment, you’ll get workflows, contract management and benefits such as:

  • Monthly updates
  • License key management
  • Automated license allocation
  • Procurement integration

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On-premise SAM services

The most hands-on option available is our completed on-premise SAM offering. This always-on approach to software management provides you with a dynamic, integrated SAM solution.

As an agile extension of your team, we’ll provide you with an in-depth SAM Workshop, self-service software distribution, inventory input/upload and additional services, such as:

  • Real-time updates
  • Self-service catalog
  • Self-service compliance
  • Automated license harvesting

Get a free SAM assessment.

Answer seven simple questions to receive a quick analysis of your Software Asset Management (SAM) environment, including potential areas of improvement. You’ll also gain access to a software specialist to assist you with better management.


A thorough understanding ensures you avoid unused software or duplicate technology.


We have decades of experience, thousands of certifications and a deep partner portfolio.


Our tools help you continuously improve your environment to maximize technology return.

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